According to the World Health Organization (WHO), breathing polluted air has become a public health hazard and is on the top 3 list of the WHO’s preventable health risks in the world today, given the level of air pollution, especially in the cities. According to the World Bank, 55% of the world population that is 4.2 billion inhabitants now leave in cities, which is more than half of the world population.

Air pollution lurks all around us preying on the young and old. It slips unnoticed past your defenses and assaults your lungs heart and brain. Its deadliest weapons are invisible poisonous particles that can be as small as a molecule and because we cannot see them, we assume all is well. With every breath, these unseen killers break through our Lungs’ protective barriers. There they trigger inflammation as our system tries desperately to fight back. But these tiny intruders penetrate those defenses, lodging toxic compounds even deeper, as a result, sowing the seeds of cancer. They slide straight into your bloodstream sabotaging your entire body. They inflame and constrict our blood vessels increasing blood pressure until one day causing a stroke. The particle prowlers dislodge fatty plaque that may have built up from your diet they weave clots that can be deadly blockers of blood flow to your heart or brain. The results of this assault on our system include heart attack, stroke, respiratory diseases, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s-type dementia.

However, we have good news in our fight against these invisible killers.

To change the narrative in the fight against air pollution, Covid-19, and other virus and pollutants lurking in our air, we will like to introduce Healthy Air, a revolutionary and innovative cutting-edge air purification solution. Invented in Oxford University England, it took over 10 years of research by the Healthy Air Technology team of scientists to develop D-orbital Nano-Oxide technology known as DNO. The technology was developed to provide pure safe and healthy air. This breakthrough in air purification and safety destroys and removes pollutants including viruses in the air in real time and ensure that people breathe clean and safe air.

Officially Healthy Air-filters are tested and certified effective to filter, capture, kill and convert coronaviruses from the air and convert them to harmless substitutes at an efficiency rate of 99.99%!

Our Medical grade air-filter, now converted for commercial use is suitable for home use, office use, hospitals, workplace spaces, banking halls, religious halls, etc. We also have a specific unit designed for your cars, staff bus, and company vehicle fleet. This solution will reduce the number of staff off work by reducing the risk of infection spread around your business environment.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for distributorship across Nigeria! You will be glad you did so if you have all it requires. Reach out to us because we are looking for capable and committed distributors nationwide. If you are interested and have what it takes to distribute a star product like this, call 07038072039 for more information or on Instagram – @drfemiogunremi

With each new case of heart attack, stroke, lung disease or cancer air pollution adds another life to its Killer list. Now, the Covid-19 virus has been added to the list of invisible killers in our air and from all indications, it is not going away any time soon. So we have the responsibility of protecting ourselves, our business environment, and our homes. Let’s stop this invisible killer.

Health is Wealth!

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