By eliminating air pollution, we mean to completely remove, put to an end, or get rid of air pollution in our offices, schools, and homes respectively. Air pollution is a serious problem that has a negative impact on people’s health and livelihood. It is the undesirable presence of impurities or the abnormal rise in the proportion of some harmful components in the atmosphere. In our offices, air pollution affects the productivity and performance of an average worker, thereby leading to less performance.

In schools, air pollution contributes to several health challenges children develop such as asthma attacks, headaches, lung disease and respiratory disease(pneumonia) etc. Also in our homes, it is difficult not to generate indoor air pollution and the most affected group are women and children, as they spend maximum time at home which leads to some health challenges and environmental hazards which is why we will consider some elimination improved steps.


Ventilation can be improved by ensuring cross-ventilation via windows and doors. Improving ventilation indoors reduces the levels of CO and particulate matter which leads to improved health outcomes, such as reduction in respiratory symptoms, reduced risk of asthma among children, reduced risk of lung cancer, and pneumonia, and improved respiratory health-related quality of life in women.


The use of air cleaners can lower indoor air pollution such as smoke, dust, and other sources as well as outdoor pollution that infiltrates indoors. Our D-Orbital Nano Oxide (DNO) pollution-erasing technology distinguishes us from other air cleaners. It captures, destroys, and converts harmful air pollutants (both particulate matter and gases) into harmless substances like water and safe air.


The medical-grade technology in Healthy Air Purifiers utilizes D-Orbital Nano Oxide (DNO) catalyst which is the most efficient, effective, and safe technology in the market today.

Healthy Air medical grade purifiers using the D-Orbital Nano Oxide (DNO) pollution-erasing technology also clean the air in your homes, offices, schools, and health facilities of viruses (plus COVID-19), formaldehyde, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), ammonia, odor, ozone, bacteria, pollen, Carbon Monoxide, Benzene, Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide and particles smaller than PM2.5. The Healthy Air Purifier can also clean the air of pollutants as small as 0.003 microns, leaving your homes, offices, schools, and health facilities with a continuous supply of clean safe air.

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