The concern of indoor air quality to our health and safety has radically increased over the years, special attention is now drawn to the technologies that can work with filters to fight airborne pathogenic viruses.

The D-orbital Nano oxide (DNO) is a patented Healthy air Technology catalyst system, combined with a High-Performance Filter (HEPA) that works to capture and kill organic pollutants like viruses and bacteria without any secondary release of pollutants.

There has been a number of already existing technologies for indoor air purification such as ultraviolet light, carbon, ozone, amongst others but however there are secondary pollutants release back in the air which cause a harmful effect on humans.

The DNO technology was basically studied and created to provide fresh, clean and healthy air in an enclosed space while also helping to limit and overcome the threat from the secondary release gotten from the other listed technologies.

 It is one of its kind in technologies and currently ranked the best medical grade air purification system.


The medical grade DNO technology uses a catalyst material to clean the air, the catalyst activates gaseous oxygen that works at making the particles easy to trap. it can eliminate pollutants, bacteria, viruses and even some of the smallest pollutant and micron-level particles from the air. The filters capture, kill and convert Particulate Matter (PM) up to 0.003ɥm (microns) in size.

The Healthy Air Technology Nigeria medical grade DNO filter has a 5-layer filtration process (particle trap) with particles running through the primary layer to the two {2} high-efficiency layer (HEPA 13) into the Nano-catalyst layer and then the Ionizer. Be it small microns or large particles, it captures and easily destroy harmful substances effectively.

The orbital harnesses the free-radical molecules, referred to as electron fields, D-orbital then forms a four-ring pattern that exploits the path where the molecules react. The free-radical molecules used are ROS {reactive species of oxygen}, Ozone {03}, peroxide ions {02-2}, hydroxy {-0H} they react with tiny organic matters in bacteria’s and viruses. The catalyst system attracts the free-radical particles on its surface, making sure that the particles do not escape through the unit, fresh and clean air is then circulated without the risk of secondary release which is completely safe for everyone.


The importance of good quality indoor air cannot be overemphasized. With the increased rate of pollutants in the air, air purifiers are now a basic need to breathe better. It is also essential to note that why looking to get an air purifier, the right technology is vital.

With all this concerns, Healthy Air Technology after 15 years of research created a one of a kind innovative medical grade D-orbital Nano Oxide, that Captures, Kills and Converts pollutants, bacteria and viruses into harmless substances producing clean and safe air.

The medical grade air filter is designed to keep you and your family safe; the purifiers are easy to use and have low energy consumption rate. They say health is wealth, now is the time to welcome and use the Healthy Air Technology Nigeria DNO technology, the best in air purification technology system.

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