The health benefits of fresh air cannot be overemphasized. cells in our body function with the fresh flow of oxygen we take in. Fresh air is rich in oxygen, which increases the oxygen circulating in our blood.

Fresh air improves our physical and mental well-being.  The cool, unpolluted air in our natural surroundings as scientists have shown can help boost our heart, immune system, and our brain. Deep breathing increases oxygen flow in the lungs which gives rise to Serotonin, a feel-good [happy] hormone level in our body that helps to relax the body from stress and anxiety, and also uplifts our mental clarity.

Yes! A breath of fresh air works magic in our bodies but the constant increase in air pollution has put a limitation on the type of air we breathe. Air pollution has put a spotlight on the importance of our air, as we are faced with the risk of respiratory illnesses amongst others.


Air pollution has become a major threat to global health. Research has shown that approximately 6.5 million deaths each year globally, have been linked to bad indoor & outdoor air. Exposure to air pollution can be hazardous to our health. As they tend to enter our bloodstream and contribute to health effects such as coughing or itchy eyes and can cause or worsen many breathing and lung diseases, leading to cancer, or even premature death. We tend to focus more on outdoor air quality, forgetting that most of our time is actually spent indoors. Studies show that 90% of our time is spent indoors, at our jobs, at home, or at school.  The Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] states that indoor air pollutants are 2-5 times higher than that of outdoor air.


In an enclosed room, the air is quick to lose oxygen, as there is a constant recycling of the air in the room, we tend to notice the room begins to get stuffy and it gradually becomes difficult to breathe. It is not enough to just breathe fresh air, fresh air needs to also be treated. We need to be able to control what we take in.

They have been different technologies to control the kind of indoor air quality and to safeguard us from pollutants and viruses that act as a threat to our life. The Healthy Air Patented D-orbital Nano Oxide [DNO] technology helps to purify the air, it captures, kills, and converts pollutants, bacteria, and viruses into harmless substances producing clean fresh air. Giving you a safe space to enjoy all the benefits of fresh air.

Breathing becomes easy, as the FRESH AIR helps


  • Detoxify the body.
  • Alleviate pain.
  • Boost our energy level.
  • Digestion becomes easier.
  • Cleans our lungs.
  • Relax our body, making us feel happier.
  • Reduces airborne illness and infection.
  • Give us sweet & better sleep at night.

Just breathe, the DNO technology gives you Fresh Air that definitely works magic!!!!

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