Enclosed spaces may contain hazardous atmospheres, including insufficient oxygen, toxic air. One of the best ways to improve the comfort level in enclosed indoor spaces is by using an air conditioning system. During the warmer summer months, we may spend most of our time in artificially controlled environments for cooling, yet not everything is right with using air conditioners all the time, as there are several health-related side effects associated with their usage.

Air conditioners cool by sucking out moisture in the air inside an enclosed space, which means it creates dryness that causes dry eyes, dry/ itchy skin, and dehydration. In addition, the working principle of an air-conditioner recirculates the air inside an enclosed space to maintain a consistent temperature inside that space which deprive occupants of fresh air this can cause harm to the human body, which includes lethargy, allergies/asthma, respiratory issues, headaches and fast spread of infections.

Technician pointing to air conditioner filter full of trapped dust that is harmful to health

As we seek comfort, it is also best to desire safety particularly when it comes to our health. The choice of technology used in purifying indoor spaces is very important; Hence the D-orbital Nano Oxide (DNO) pollution eraser technology. The DNO technology utilizes a catalyst that neutralizes pollutants by effectively capturing 99.97% of air pollutants up to 0.03µm microns in size, killing them and converting them to breathable and healthy air.

The conversion process leaves no room for the storage of residues from the destruction of the pollutants so that there is no secondary release back into the room’s atmosphere.

The DNO technology in an air purifier is perfect for surgical rooms, dental laboratories, IVF centers, high-rise buildings, pediatric hospitals, crèches, receptions, and indoor spaces generally.

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