• The HA55WM can filter out impurities and particles in the air, such as viruses, respirable dust, mites’ eggs, and excretions, mold, dust, allergens, pollens, bacteria, dust mites or cigarette smoke, asbestos, toxic dust, and aerosols from the air, dander, allergens from the fur of dogs or cats.
• The HA55WM features an H13 High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (HEPA) and Activated Carbon filter media, which captures >99.97% of particles with a diameter greater than or equal to 0.3microns.
• Based on a standard ceiling height of 3m & a Clean Air Volume Exchange Rate of 4 times per hour (the efficient rate of dealing with viral airborne transmission).


Coverage Area: 5-15㎡(*)
Clean Air Delivery Rate: 55m3/h
Size: 337mm X 129mm X 295mm
Energy Efficiency: 8.5W
Weight: 2.5kg
Effective removal of: Toxic Airborne Pollutants & Viruses
Filter: HEPA H13 + DNO filter
Noise < 54dB(A) Easy use: Remote Control, Wall Hanging